Saturday, September 12, 2009



I Feel Just Like A Child-Devendra Banhart

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Virgin Sate Of Mind

'Lolita' (1997)

MOR marshmallow body scrub, Converse sneakers, Topshop playsuit, Chanel lipstick, Dr Marten mary janes, La Perla lace bra,
Topshop brogues, Marc Jacobs Rain, Demeter baby powder perfume

If Sofia Coppola remade this movie, I would cry.

Thats when you're done.

Cotton Crush- Kevin Devine ft. Jesse Lacey

Your friends won't wait, so don't believe that shit, when they say they'll wait.
Trust me; your friends will not wait for you.
Then you'll be stoned in some park, just nodding your head and pinching your arms,
when a girl walks along. She's humming your song, with your t-shirt on.
That's when you're done, Oh, that's when you're done...